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Miranda Chitty met Caroline Dunn in 2012. Together they conspired to find out about all the good things in life, and tell everyone else all about them. The intention is to bring rays of sunshine to everyone. We hope you enjoy it and always welcome ideas for new articles and videos.

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    Hi Miranda,
    Love it, love it love it….
    My sister has one of his T – shirts… a black T shirt with the “Lots of space!!” cartoon printed in white… Totally cool…. I am going to buy a print of the Bill Nighy lookalike cartoon “Immediately up your nose…” for my wall at home… maybe a Christmas present idea for my brother….

    Alun….. the height of cool….
    The Sunny Times attracts all the best people

    Where can people go to buy his stuff Miranda? Has he got anything online? Or is that on its way?

  2. 2


    You can buy Alun’s designs here on T-shirts! http://www.dtas.indigo-tshirt.co.uk

  3. 3

    Cordelia Hamilton

    I love these! (And it’s not a white lie.)

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